Professional Law of Attraction Mentoring and Kundalini Yoga Coaching Services

➤ WHAT I DO: I help people get what they really desire.

➤ WHOM I WORK WITH: I serve ordinary people that are challenged with not getting what they desire or not feeling how they want to in their career, finances, relationship and health.

1. Providing a caring space to be where they want
2. Giving guidance to get what they desire
3. Asking powerful questions to elicit clarity
4. Helping them develop awareness and choice, to feel more in control of their lives.

1. We start with a free 30 minute consultation via Zoom or phone.
2. We get a baseline of where you are at, what your needs and desires are, and where you want to go.
3. We then develop an action plan based on the teachings of the Higher Power of the Mind to Create/The Law Of Vibration and Kundalini Yoga to help you get what you really desire. We do this by caringly helping you to express inner extraordinary strength and remove the obstacles to the unfoldment of those goals.

I love what I do. I am committed to mastering my techniques and competently apply them in service to my clients.
I am a Certified Law of Attraction Mentor/Practitioner who has been in groups and circles that support others. I have embodied the role of Kundalini Yoga Teacher for the past 25yrs and have learned from a master teacher.
I also have a 34yr nursing and management career that placed me in a mentoring, leadership and administrative roles.

I have a proven track record based on feedback from my clients. Each of them benefits from the personalized 1-on-1 attention and the exceptional support I give.

“On one occasion I found myself without a car, it had broken down the night before, and I had no money to buy a new one. After listening to my challenge, Chris helped me envision what I wanted to happen, not dwell on what I was challenged by. The result? The next day I left the showroom driving a brand new car! He helped achieve what I had thought was impossible.”        – Jeff Ferrannini

“With Chris’s help, I was able to summon the confidence to sell a previous business and start my own business. He has consistently helped me improve in all areas of life and remember my inner stillness. I’ve been able to practically put his teachings into action as second nature!” – Jay Martin

“Chris is an extraordinarily attentive listener. Using the solid foundation that this provides, Chris then applies his skills and knowledge to provide loving support and guidance that is consistently valuable. I have confidence in his teaching as I see him successfully apply it to his own life. His commitment to his own growth inspires me to be dedicated to my own. I’m a better person because of Chris.” – Roy Maurer
“Chris has been a close friend and spiritual advisor of mine for the past 2 years. Chris is a great listener with extraordinary empathy, to whom I am always eager to bring my spiritual challenges for his wise, spirit directed counsel. One of the things I find most helpful and inspiring about Chris is his personal discipline in applying spiritual lessons to his current life situation, which has the effect of making his counsel practical vs theoretical, and serving as a power of example and encouragement to stay on the Path to Peace. Chris has provided several immensely helpful tools which engender self nurturing and deep forgiveness, which I have found incredibly helpful on my Path to healing. I think anyone would be better for knowing Chris in his role as a mentor and a transformational coach.” – Peter Bozzi
“Yogi Chris has been an incredible aid on my journey back to a state of peace and loving awareness! He is a highly skilled, very grounded practitioner/ life counselor. I always feel at ease and wholeheartedly supported in sharing what ever it is on my mind. Not to mention a great sense of humor! Yogi Chris’s vast experience, love for people/ life and focus to “Be”, authentically who you truly are right now, is why he is an irreplaceable mentor- on my team for living/creating my Best Life.
Thank you,” — Jennifer L.

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Kundalini Yoga: Beginners, Intermediate, & Advance Courses

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In kind service,
Chris Casasnovas aka Yogi Chris
Mind-Power Coach, Certified Law of Attraction or Higher Power of the Mind to Create Mentor. Transformational Yoga Coach.
Founder of Y.E.S.
Yoga Expanding Self-Awareness
P: 978-272-2330

Included in Whose Who in America for professional integrity, outstanding achievement and innumerable contribution to society as a whole.