Kundalini Energy is flowing right now throughout your entire nervous system.  Knowledge about it was kept secret because of its tremendous power.  Because of lack of knowledge and ignoring it within,  many false representations have been stated.  It is like gravity.  No matter if you are aware of it or not it still exists and it’s powerful.  Serving the rising and expression of this power is very easy.  Through awareness you could keep it open and balanced.  Again,  this flow of energy and consciousness already exists within each one of us.  This yoga helps you be consciously aware of what already exists and helps in the removing the barriers to it.  Energy travels up and down the spinal column.  This twin energy is carried and feeds the entire nervous system.  It ends up at the left and right nostril which I have spoken about in an earlier post.  When this energy rises to the top of the skull it activates the secretion of the pineal gland.  Even though this energy exist in everyone,  it can remain dormant.  It’s like having a rocket and not shooting that rocket.   Kundalini energy is very safe.  The person that carries it is usually wholesomely conscious and cannot be lied,  manipulated or cheated.  This energy also activates the pituitary gland,  which is the master gland of intuition and the pineal gland,  which secretes a consciousness-raising hormone.  You might not be aware of this but the vibration of every word you speak,  every thought you think,  instantly raises or lowers your Kundalini energy.  So if you are aware and gently choosing this,  your energy could skyrocket!

In kind flow of energy,
Chris Casasnovas AKA Yogi Chris,  Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner,  Transformational Coach,  Yoga Mentor,  Founder of Y.E.S. Yoga Expanding Self-Awareness,  Email:  yogaexpandingself@gmail.com.

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