The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or desk ​ it’s a circular circulation of energy that you could feel.
You might not realize this, but there are seven major energy centers along your spinal column. These seven centers can be thought of as the “master chakras.”
If you think of a lotus or a flower, chakras have “energy pedals,” which metaphorically describes the opening of a chakra as the obstacles that are fueled by perceptions of the mind and trapped emotions from the past are released.
Their “energy pedals” vary in numbers from the lower chakras to the higher ones. In the symbolism of flowers, chakras can be open or closed energetically. They could bud and grow depending upon the state of your consciousness.
Chakras are contained within what is called the subtle body. The subtle body is the non-physical energetic body that is superimposed upon our physical bodies. We experience it as a result of thoughts and feelings arising. The external manifestation of the subtle body is called the aura. It appears as a soft glow around the body. It is about 4 ft wide by 10 ft high. Have you ever noticed some comfortable or uncomfortable feelings as you’re in proximity of someone else’s aura?
Another important aspect of this, that you might not realize, is that when you heal old constricting patterns of thinking with accompanying emotions you’re serving the healing of the chakras and vice versa.
You could actually feel what a smaller chakra feels like by opening and closing both hands and then slowly putting them together. You could actually feel energy circulating. I show this healing technique in my course on my website (see below the link to my website for explanation and courses on these powerful tools)
When using the powerful tool of Kundalini yoga the objective is to clear the chakras of old, non-beneficials energy patterns so that their self-perpetuating actions have a positive influence instead, and the life energy could travel along to higher pathways (neuropathways) within the mind and energy channels in the body.
Chakras are associated with seven basic levels of consciousness. As we experience the opening and healing of a chakra, we also experience a deeper understanding of the state of consciousness in the mind associated with that level.
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